west hamilton artists tour announces 2017 lineup

the 8th edition of WHAT happens this Mother's Day weekend, April 13 & 14, 2017, so mark your calendars and pray for sun!  in the meantime here's the list of artists:

Judy Anderson, painting
Nancy Benoy, painting
Stacy Camp, painting
Dana Cowie, painting
Paul Elia, digital printmaking
Sandee Ewasiuk, painting
Leslie Furness, ceramic sculpture
Janus, sculpture
Jenna Gudelis, student
Michele Guitard, painting
James Gummerson, painting
Branco Grevog, photography
Lisa Hickey, painting
Amanda Immurs, painting
Julie Johnson, jewelry
Gordon Leverton, painting
Chris Lounsbury, luthier
Elizabete Ludviks, jewelry
Siobhan Lynch, stained glass
Brent McGillivray, painting
Nancy Ann McPhee, drawing
Sandy Middleton, photography
Lisa Narduzzi, photography
Victoria Pearce, painting
Rachel Quinteros, jewelry
Marina Randazzo, painting
Irina Rapaport, clothing/jewelry
Paul Simon, photography
Laurie Skantzos, painting
Krystal Speck, pottery
Linda VanWyk, mixed media collage
Julia Veenstra, painting
Marten Visser, painting
Helga Weigelin (Morrison), painting
Hugh Widdup, wood-turning
Nancy Zboch, mixed media

for all info, check www.westhamiltonartiststour.com